Class Information
Room 1 - P1
Miss Robertson and Mrs MacLeod work with Primary 1 pupils in Room 1.
Room 2 - P1
Mrs Nicholson and Mrs MacLeod work with Primary 1 pupils in Room 2.
Room 3 - P2
Miss Rowan and Mrs Gordon work with Primary 2 pupils in Room 3. 
Room 4 - P2/3
Mrs Reid  works with Primary 2 pupils and Primary 3 pupils in Room 4.

Room 5 - P3
Ms McLachlan  Primary 3 pupils in Room 5. 
Room 6 - P4
Miss Telky works with Primary 4 pupils in Room 6. 
Room 7 - P4
Miss Docherty works with Primary 4 and Primary 5 pupils in Room 7.
Room 8 - P5
Mrs Godon works with primary 5 pupils in Room 8. 

Room 9 - P5/6
Mrs Rutherford works with Primary 6 pupils in Room 9.  

Room 10 - P6
Ms Crawford  and Mrs Love work with Primary 5 and Primary 6 pupils in Room 10.
Room 11 - P6/7
Miss Lee and Mrs McConnochie work in Room 11 with Primary 7 pupils.  Miss Lee works with the class on Monday and Tuesday and Mrs McConnochie works with the class Wednesday- Friday.
Room 12 - P7
Miss Carroll and Mr Chapman works with Primary 6 and Primary 7 pupils in Room 12.

Our nursery team are Nursery Teachers, Mrs Lindsay and Mrs Nicholson and Early Years Workers, Mrs Johnston, Mrs Stevenson, Miss Coyle and Mrs Bulloch. Our nursery has 30 morning and 30 afternoon children. Mrs Lindsay and Mrs Johnston work Monday to Wednesday, Mrs Stevenson and Miss Coyle work Monday to Friday and Mrs Nicholson and Mrs Bulloch work Thursday and Friday.

Additional Staffing
Mrs Haley works with classes throughout the school, delivering Science, Music and Health and Wellbeing.  Mrs Fleming works to support class teachers. 


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